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Ratings, or "Yes mom, if my friends jumped off a bridge I would too!"

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Did anyone else's mom say that to them when arguing?  "If so-and-so jumped off a bridge would you do it?"  Given that my friends did go bridge jumping the question was oddly but unwittingly appropriate (and no, I did not jump off bridges, I played lookout - I'm afraid of heights).


I digress.  My rating system:


Note:  Because I buy my books, I'm very, very careful about which ones I choose, so I don't buy a book I'm not confident I'll like.  That leaves my ratings rather skewed towards 3.5-4 stars.  I also don't use half stars for ratings under 3. My dislike has fewer shades than my affection, I guess.)


5 stars - The book was so good I'm hugging it and quite probably stroking the covers.  Mutterings of "precious" may or may not be heard.  If asked, I'll recommend the book unreservedly.


4.5 stars - I loved it but I'm not actually showing physical affection.  Would definitely recommend.


4 stars - I really liked the book although I probably found imperfections that I'd feel the need to mention should someone ask (or in my review).  Would recommend.


3.5 stars - Good, not sorry I read it, but I'm not going to gush about it.


3 stars - Ambivalent.  It was neither good nor bad.  I'm not sorry I read it but I wouldn't have regretted not reading it.


2 stars - The book probably had potential but was ruined by bad editing, bad writing, hateful characters or horrible plotting.  Not recommendable.


1 star - The book is, in my opinion, complete crap and I am irritated about the time I spent reading it that I'm not going to get back.  Too many obstacles to overcome to be redeemed.  Will actively tell people I disliked the book.


DNF - Because it's a waste of ink, OR, the story is just not working for me on a personal taste level.  Recommendations are made (or not) depending on which.