'Bewitching' by Jill Barnett

Bewitching - Jill Barnett

A sweet fairy tale.

Joyous Fiona MacQuarrie was a beautiful, Scottish witch with lovely green eyes. A witch who couldn't control her magic no matter how hard she tried, to the despair of her aunt, the MacLean, one of the best witches of all time.

It was one of her spells that went wrong what made her fall into the arms of the handsome Alec, Duke of Belmore. They got married and she turned Belmore Park upside down with merriment and strange occurrences, but soon the fire turned into ice when the proud nobleman discovered that his wife was a witch.

It's a great book that will make you smile, laugh out loud and cry. The supporting cast is great.

Don't miss "Dreaming", next in the series.


(I read this book in 2003 and wrote this review then.)