Four Steamy Tales of Love and Seduction that Will Leave You... Hot and Bothered

Hot and Bothered - Victoria Marquez, Laura Bradley, Gayle Callen, Lori Foster

Hot, hot, hot... and sweet.

- "Luring Lucy" by Lori Foster (My favourite!)
According to Bram, Lucy was one sexy-as-sin woman, all lush curves and mature angles, who had driven Bram crazy for more years than any man should suffer.

Lucy thought she was lumpy and fat, average at best. She couldn't believe that Bram could be interested in her when her own husband had cheated on her with a younger woman.

It's a pity it's just a short story, the characters deserved a whole book.

- "Truth or Dare" by Laura Bradley
P.I. Shay McIntyre goes undercover as a reporter to find out who is behind the suspicious deaths of two bullriders, and finds herself playing a wicked game with Luke Wilder.

- "Compromised" by Gayle Callen
Lady Elizabeth Stanwood only wanted to make Lord Wyndham jealous. She never expected to be compromised and have to marry.

- "Treading Dangerous Waters" by Victoria Marquez
Sofia's plans to relax on a cruise are ruined when she meets James, her aunt's future son-in-law, who will try to stop his father's wedding one way or another.


(I read this book in 2003 and wrote this review then.)